Shane Allen Smith - Full Stack Software Engineer

Shane Smith

email: | phone: 715.513.9160 | website:


  • Experienced leader inside and out of the software development industry. Focused on aligning teams to client outcomes, maintaining organizational consistency, increasing efficiency, and promoting innovation.
  • Concentrated effort towards minimizing organizational and operational surprises through clear, consistent and personalized communication. Promotes a high level of team productivity and cohesion even while stationed remotely.
  • Positive client outcomes from a technology agnostic approach. Focusing on the need of the project, client, and business over the specifics of the technology.
  • Patient and focused on long-term client benefits during high pressure situations and time constraints, ensuring the success of otherwise adverse project outcomes.
  • Resource of excellence, organization, and accountability in the technology industry as a remote developer. Mentor and strategist of positive company impact for remote developers and supporting programs.


Lab Services Engineer (Ruby) @ Linux Academy [August 2017 - Present]

  • Responsible for rearchitecting and redesigning a custom expectation testing library used to verify student assessment submissions of cloud platform environments (AWS, Azure, OpenStack, ect.). Increased processing performance by over 300% while providing more meaningful error handling, return values, and scalability avenues for future integrations.
  • Was able to identify productivity enhancements to our pipelines and workflows which enabled the team to complete an average of 150% more assigned tasks in the same period of time allowed (48 hours). This allowed the content development team to keep up with student demand of new courses while allowing Lab Services to develop new tools and processes to increase efficiency and fortify performance of our software offerings.
  • Made recommendations on utilizing development tools such as Rollbar, Rubocop, and Pry to ensure the integrity of our product suite. Through recommendations and support was able to standardize these tools through the company and accurately identify several production bugs that were not previously known.

Principal Software Engineer @ The Nerdery

[December 2012 - August 2017]

  • Previously Senior Software Engineer & Software Engineer
  • Lead over 50 successful projects with an average budget utilization percentage of 93.02%. Pinpointing efficiencies in the projects allowed customers to utilize surplus resources for extended feature sets, ultimately getting them more in line with their overall business goals. Worked with high profile portfolio engagements such as Pepsi Co / Frito Lay, Hasbro, Marriot, Purina, Medtronic, Blizzard Entertainment, Surly Brewing Company, The Marketing Arm, BBDO, Grey New York, and many more.
  • Defined the offering of Ruby on Rails at the company. Through leadership and guidance was able to provide the sales team with the necessary tools to effectively address Ruby on Rails based leads and obtain client portfolios that otherwise would have proved beyond The Nerdery’s reach.
  • Created a framework allowing custom WordPress projects to be completed in comparable time frames to that of the third party compilation versions. This framework bridged the gap between the CMS and Custom PHP Application development teams.
  • Entrusted with mentoring team members in the use of build tools and bleeding edge technologies as well as various best practice approaches to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, Ruby/Rails and technical documentation.

Lead Web Developer @ Faster Solutions, Inc.

[January 2012 - December 2012]

  • Previously Web Designer/Developer
  • Reduced project timelines by an average of 21% by streamlining the build process for the company. This involved filtering most of our clientele into a WordPress based system and altering company processes to ensure workflows were being executed with minimal overhead.
  • Shifted the build process from .NET to WordPress due to the more consistent point of entry. This increased the active client capacity the company could support at any given time.
  • Built trust with clients through transparency and successful solutions. This trust lead to 4 additional projects allowing for company expansion.

Senior Web Developer @ 50 Below

[December 2009 - November 2011]

  • Previously Web Developer, Site Maintenance Lead & Site Maintenance Specialist
  • Facilitated consistent offerings for our clients by developing 53 articles of formal procedural documentation used by the company for training and development. Formalizing the documentation in this manner allowed for easier job ramp-in and reduced hands-on mentorship requirements.
  • Created custom modules to meet customer's requests considered out of scope from the normal factory line procedures of the company. Created departmental tool sets to increase developer efficiency within the department.
  • Ensured customer satisfaction and continued contracts by increasing the site maintenance team’s efficiency 36.8% and corresponding task turnaround time by 13.4% through employee mentorship and guidance.

Additional Career History

  • Team Manager @ AT&T Mobility ~ [September 2004 - October 2009]
  • Area Director @ Cheetah Computer & Consulting ~ [January 2001 - September 2004]
  • Shift Manager @ McDonald's Corporation ~ [June 2003 - August 2004]


Official Training and Certification

  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator - [2001] Connecting Point Information Technology School
  • Managing Emotions Under Pressure - [2007] Fred Pryor CareerTrack, Duluth, MN
  • Dealing with Difficult People - [2007] Fred Pryor CareerTrack, Duluth, MN
  • Customer Service Manager Academy - [2008] AT&T Mobility, Duluth, MN
  • Team Building, Mentoring, and Coaching Skills - [2007] Fred Pryor CareerTrack, Duluth, MN
  • The Ultimate Supervisor - [2007] Fred Pryor CareerTrack, Duluth, MN

Volunteer Experience


  • Professional Competencies
    • Client Partnerships and Strategy
    • Internal Relationships and Communication
    • Multi Discipline Technical Mentorship
    • Staff Management and Development
    • Technical Application Review and Guidance
    • Training & Curriculum Development
  • Technical Competencies
    • PHP
      • WordPress
        • Advanced Custom Fields
        • Gravity Forms
        • WooCommerce
        • Marketpress
      • Drupal
      • Symfony
      • Laravel
    • Ruby
      • Ruby on Rails
      • ActiveRecord suite
      • RSpec
      • Rubocop
      • FactoryBot
      • TimeCop
      • SimpleCov
      • Faker
      • Devise
      • Tolaria
    • Clientside Development
      • JavaScript
        • Node
          • Browserify
          • Gulp
          • Grunt
        • AJAX
        • JSON
        • jQuery
        • RequireJS
        • Bower
        • Ember.js
      • HTML
      • CSS
      • SASS/SCSS
      • Bootstrap
      • Zurb Foundation
    • CI/CD
      • CircleCI
      • Travis-CI
    • Git
      • Github
      • Bitbucket
      • Git Flow
    • Database Technologies
      • MySQL
      • MariaDB
      • Postgresql
    • DevOps
      • Puppet
        • PuPHPet
      • Bash
        • vi (vim, nvim)
        • tmux
      • Apache
      • Nginx
      • Linux
      • AWS
      • DigitalOcean
      • Vagrant
      • Ansible
    • Testing
      • RSpec
      • MiniTest
      • FactoryBot
      • Faker
      • TimeCop
      • Cucumber
      • Gherkin
    • Project Tools
      • Jira
      • Track
      • Basecamp
      • Trello
      • Pivotal Tracker

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